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principles of processing personal data with Albacore Maritime.*.
1.1 Albacore Maritime OÜ (register code 14322150, address Harju county, Harku parish, Suurupi küla, Lõuna tee 1, 76907, Estonia).
1.2 Database – the database on the website, which contains user information about employment.
1.3 User – a person who has signed up for the Database, agreed with the terms and has created a user account.
1.4 User data - all data relating to the User entered in the Database by the User, including the registration form, CV and other information that Albacore Maritime processes. User data is personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council.
1.5 Terms and conditions - the conditions for the use of the database of registered job seekers.
1.6 The recipient - a legal or physical person, a customer or employee who uses database for Albacore Maritime employers through the portal to services provided and to whom Albacore Maritime forwarded for that purpose, or makes it possible to access users User data in accordance with the Terms of Use.
1.7 Parties – Albacore Maritime and the User.
1.8 Services - All of Albacore Maritime services targeted at jobseekers described in the "Our services" section at Job intermediation services (including the possibility to add a User's Database User's CV) are free of charge to the User.
1.9 Access data - User name and password, which have been selected by the user when registering or changed later.
1.10 Portal - The environment created for the provision of jobseekers and jobseekers services managed by Albacore Maritime at
2.1 After completing the "Apply" registration form and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, access to the Database can be accessed through the Access information via the "Login" field.
2.2 The User undertakes to keep the Access Data confidential and not to disclose it to any person. The User is solely responsible for the use of Access Data.
2.3 If the User has forgotten the Access Data or doubts that Access Data has become available to third parties, the User must immediately change his Access Data with his user account in the Database or report the incident to Albacore Maritime by e-mail or telephone, and then the Albacore Maritime will make Access data for the User.
2.4 The User must enter only the correct and accurate User Data which does not contain false or misleading information about his/her education, the nearest family member, contact details, work experience. The User is responsible for the damage caused to Albacore Maritime by third parties as a result of inaccuracy or incompleteness of User Data. If the User enters the Database in the personal data of other persons, he/she shall be responsible for the accuracy, legality, completeness, validity, good practice and compliance of the data.
2.5 All rights to the database are owned by Albacore Maritime. The User does not acquire any rights to the Database or its parts in the use of the Database and Services. The User has no right to make other extracts or copies of the Database or its parts, or to use the Database in any other way and damage the Database or interfere with its operation. The User does not create any copyrights in the Database for any use (including the use of the Service) of the Software for the maintenance of the Database.
2.6 The User has the right to update, correct and replace User Data entered by the User on the Database and decide on their availability to the Data Recipients. To delete a user account, the User must send an application to this email. Albacore Maritime shall terminate the processing of personal data as specified by the User at the earliest opportunity, but within 10 working days after the User has received the request for termination of processing personal data or the deletion of personal data, unless the requirement for the storage of personal data follows from the legal act. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing of personal data before the withdrawal of consent. If the requirement for the storage of personal data follows from the legal act, the User stops the data until the end of the stipulated term and then deletes them on the basis of an application for termination of personal data processing or deletion of personal data.
2.7 In addition to point 2.6, the User has these following rights:
2.7.1 request information from Albacore Maritime on which User Information Albacore Maritime processes on him;
2.7.2 request upgrade, repair or replacement of User Data if the User is not in a position to exercise these rights in the way specified in point 2.6;
2.7.3 request deleting user data and the termination of further processing;
2.7.4 request to restrict the processing of User Data;
2.7.5 file an objection to the processing of user data;
2.7.6 submit complaints to the responsible people regarding the processing of user data;
2.7.7 to transfer User Data pursuant to Article 20 of Regulation (EC) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Regulation on the protection of personal data).
3.1 By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the User gives consent to Albacore Maritime on the page, among other things, to use the "cookies" to personalize the Service and to assist the User in providing a better Service (see Section 4 below).
3.2 If the User has given consent to the processing of personal data, Albacore Mairitime has the right to process personal data on the basis of Article 6 (1) (a) and (b) of the European Union Personal Data Protection Law 2016/679.
3.3 Albacore Maritime ensures the protection of personal data through organizational, physical and IT security measures and confirms that all necessary measures have been taken to protect personal data and that the processing of personal data is limited to the minimum.
3.4 Albacore Maritime allows the User to use Services in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and on the Portal since the User's registration on the Portal.
3.5 The processing of User User Data is subject to the Terms of Use, provided by the User and the Albacore Maritime to the extent required by them. The processing of certain User Data, in accordance with the Service provided, is also carried out by Albacore Maritime to fulfill its obligations under the law. Albacore Maritime acts as data controller for the processing of jobseeker user data.
3.6 The name and contact details of the Data Protection Officer are available on
3.7 Albacore Maritime points out that the submission of User Data is an obligation from the Terms of Use. Failure to submit, terminate or limit User Data may make it impossible for Albacore Maritime to provide the Services according to the Terms of Use. If the User submits such claim to the processing of his/her User Data, Albacore Maritime has the right not to offer any Services to the User and to delete the User's account with all related data. In this case, the User may also request the deletion of his/her user account and all related information from the Albacore Maritime Database.
3.8 Albacore Maritime processes (collects, stores, organizes, distributes, merges, uses, deletes, makes it available to the recipients of the data, etc.) User Submissions provided by the User on the Portal and entered into the User Data for the purpose of providing the Services and if necessary for Albacore Maritime for statutory obligations, to protect the legitimate interests of Albacore Maritime and contact the User to determine the User's right to use the Portal, improve the Portal and provide information to the User on the Portal.
3.9 Albacore Maritime allows access to personal data only for staff who have received appropriate guidance and who have the right to process personal data to the extent necessary for the performance of their duties and for the purpose of the processing of personal data, or to persons to whom the right is extended by law.
3.10 Albacore Maritime processes the following personal information about the User, the User's closest family member, User's Past Employers and User References:
3.10.1 First name, last name, middle name, picture, date of birth, place of birth, gender, nationality, contact information (telephone number, e-mail), personal identification number or social security number, identity document (number, date and place of issue, validity period), Schengen and/or other visa (number, date and place of issue, validity period), Skype contact details, number of dependents;
3.10.2 User's closest family member's information - first name, last name, middle name, relationship with the user, location details, phone number;
3.10.3 User’s education information - the name of the educational institution, the year of graduation and the content of the education acquired;
3.10.4 User’s biometric data – length, weight, eye color, hair color, protective suit size, shoe size;
3.10.5 Data on certificates issued to the user - date and time of issue, place, certificate number;
3.10.6 User's previous job information - the content of the contract and the contact details of the employer;
3.10.7 User’s Reference Information - the name of the company or institution, the name and contact details of the recommender.
3.11 Albacore Maritime does not transmit User Data to third parties, except:
3.11.1 To the recipients of the data in order to fulfill the contracts concluded with them or to ensure their fulfillment;
3.11.2 Third Party Service Providers used by Albacore Maritime. Third-party service providers may be located in the European Union or outside the European Union in countries where the level of data protection has been assessed by the European Commission as sufficient.
3.12 The persons specified in clause 3.11 are authorized processors of user data. An agreement has been concluded with authorized processors under which they ensure the protection of personal data through organizational, physical and IT security measures and all necessary measures have been taken to protect personal data and that processing of personal data is limited to the minimum required for the purposes of the processing of personal data.
3.13 If Albacore Maritime has reasons to believe that User's User Data entered into the Database is incorrect or does not comply with generally accepted moral standards, Albacore Maritime has the right to delete the entered data from the Database.
3.14 Albacore Maritime is not an authorized agent or Data Provider, therefore, Albacore Maritime is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the User during the course of a job search or participation in job contests through the Portal. The User enters into the pre-contractual negotiations with the Recipient of the Data and concludes an employment contract with the Recipient of the Data through Albacore Maritime, but Albacore Maritime is not liable for the fulfillment of the promise or employment contract given to the User by the Data Recipient.
3.15 Albacore Maritime does not guarantee employment through the portal.
3.16 Albacore Maritime is not responsible for the unlawful or unauthorized use of User’s User Data made available to the Data Provider, as well as the confidentiality of such data, if the confidentiality is to be guaranteed by the Recipient.
3.17 If the User has given consent to this by registering for the Portal, Albacore Maritime has the right to inform the User of the services, opportunities and news provided by himself and his business partners at the email address entered at the registration of the Portal.
3.18 Albacore Maritime has the right to inform the User by e-mail of new job offers corresponding to the terms specified in the User's CV.
3.19 Albacore Maritime has the right to transfer the Database, including the User Data contained therein, to a server located in a foreign country. In this case, Albacore Maritime will remain the controller of the data.
3.20 Albacore Maritime maintains User Data for the entire Service Provision Period and until User’s User Account has been deleted in accordance with Clause 2.6. User data specifically related to applications submitted by the User through the Service will be retained by Albacore Maritime for 3 years.
3.21 In addition to Clause 3.20, Albacore Maritime reserves the right to maintain User Data at any time after the closure of the user account where justified by the use of the Terms of Use of the Albacore Maritime or the protection of rights arising from the law or any other directly applicable legislation, in particular any claims within the limitation period.
3.22 Albacore Maritime has the right to change the procedures and menu structure of the Database without warning the User first.
3.23 Albacore Maritime has the right to unilaterally amend these Terms by notifying changes and making new terms available on at least 5 working days before the changes take effect. Changes do not apply retroactively before their entry into the Services ordered by the User.
4.1 A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer when you visit website to help you memorize your preferences and data as a visitor. Cookies can be transferred to the User's device via the Portal. Biscuits and similar technologies may be used to collect information from the User through the Portal for use of the Portal and the User's Device. Such information may include information on which Web Portal the user came from, information about the Web browser used by the User, or information about which parts of the Website the User has visited and the time of the respective visits.
4.2 Cookies allow processing of Portal related information. The information obtained allows us to analyze and improve the functioning of the Portal and thus provide the User with a better and personalized experience. The information collected may also be used for target marketing that is in accordance with the interests of the User on the Portal and outside it.
4.3 Users may disable the use of cookies by modifying their browser settings. However, in this case the User must take into account that blocking or removing cookies may affect the use of the Portal or its parts or specific functions..
4.4 When visiting the Portal and using the Services or interacting with the Services, Albacore Maritime may use a variety of technologies that collect information about access and use of the Portal. Such information may include (but is not limited to the use of Portal Services) details of inquiries, technical data (IP address, connected devices, operating system) and other similar information.
4.5 The User is aware and agrees that Albacore Maritime has the right to generate anonymized data, i.e. data created by the User, which is deidentified in such a way that they can not be linked to a particular User and that all identifying features (including device identifiers, IP addresses and cookie ID) have been removed. Albacore Maritime uses anonymized data to further develop and improve the Portal's services.
5.1 Albacore Maritime has the right to unilaterally end offering Services if the User has violated the Terms and has not eliminated the violation within 10 work days since getting a respective alert from Albacore Maritime by e-mail.
5.2 The User has the right, regardless of the reason, to discontinue any further use of the Services at any time by notifying Albacore Maritime by e-mail.
5.3 The User is responsible for any breach of these terms and conditions for Albacore Maritime.
5.4 Albacore Maritime is not responsible for the accuracy and content of the information entered into the Database and for any damage to the User resulting from the use of the information contained in the Database.
6.1 If these terms demand notifications from Albacore Maritime by e-mail, the User must send such messages to the
6.2 If these terms demand notifications from Albacore Maritime by telephone communication, the User must send such messages to the phone number +372 615 5584
6.3 The Parties shall solve all their disputes and disagreements during the course of their duties by negotiation. If the agreement is not reached, the dispute will be solved in the Harju County Court according to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

The terms of this section (hereinafter the "Terms") constitute a separate and independent part of the terms and conditions applicable to registered jobseekers at Albacore Maritime Ltd. (register code 14322150, address Harju county, Harku parish, Suurupi küla, Lõuna tee 1, 76907, Estonia) ("Portal") and the services offered through it. In case you do not have a user account registered on the Portal or you do not wish to authenticate yourself on the Portal (hereinafter "Customer" and/or "You" etc.), these Terms and Conditions apply to you. These Terms are informative and contain the information in the section below regarding the processing of your personal data. Albacore Maritime is not responsible for the accuracy of the information entered by you in the application form and also does not guarantee a smooth operation of the Albacore Maritime Portal. In the event of a malfunction on the Portal and you are not sure if your CV and other data/documents were received by the respective employer, inform Albacore Maritime by writing to this e-mail:
1.1 If you have given consent, Albacore Maritime will transmit this information to third parties that you have chosen to transmit through the Portal: e-mail address, given name and surname, telephone number, information contained on the "Apply" registration form and/or the data contained in the document you have entered.
1.2 Albacore Maritime is very responsible on processing your personal data.
1.3 Personal data transmitted by you will be made available to the respective employer, to the employees of Albacore Maritime and if appropriate, to Albacore Maritime service providers who act as authorized processors at Albacore Maritime.
1.4 Albacore Maritime will keep your application information at the portal for one year after submitting the application.
1.5 In case you do not submit the personal data referred to in clause 1.1, you will not be able to apply for this job on the basis of these Terms and you will have to register on the Portal as a user. You may have the following rights regarding the processing of your personal data:
1.6.1 Request access to your personal information;
1.6.2 Request for data to be updated, corrected or replaced;
1.6.3 Request deletion of data and end of further processing;
1.6.4 Request limitation of the data processing;
1.6.5 Submit complaints to the relevant supervisor for data processing;
1.6.6 Right to withdraw your consent;
1.6.7 Realize the right to transfer data according to Article 20 of European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679.
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